Dragon Ball Legends : a game which combine simplicity and complexity perfectly

Dragon Ball Legends is a very orthodox combat game with 3D modeling and 2D operation logic. But it also means that it has a higher threshold and may discourage a considerable number of original fans who think fighting games are too difficult. How to keep these people from retreating has become the most important issue of the developers.

The solution they offer is to dramatically simplify the difficulty of getting started. As an old player of Street Fighters series, I can clearly feel the simplification of Dragon Ball Legends in operation. First of all, from the number of keys, Dragon Ball Legends has only four kinds of attacks, which are light, medium, heavy and skill releasing, and there are at least six general 2-D fights games; Dragon Ball Legends has a system of one-button continuous tactics, which can automatically connect a set of cool tactics of about 20 hits, no matter light or medium attacks. If you have a gas tank, you will automatically release small killing skills. It can be said that it greatly reduces the need for input instructions and ensures that novices can get a great experience. Finally, it simplifies the way to input instructions, basically only the forward and reverse rockers – in other words, As long as you can twist the wave fist in Street Fighters, you can make almost all the moves in Dragon Ball Legends.

In addition, the game does not have the same eye-watching technique as Street Fighter. Basically, just press the button continuously, it can be connected quickly and conveniently. But please note that because some attacks have a long back-swing (such as the blow-off effect attached to heavy attacks), you may have to wait a second and then follow up. Press a button to succeed.

Obviously, these changes make the original fighting game that refuses to be played thousands of miles away very friendly. Even if you don’t know how to do it, you can make a decent connection by pressing a button. However, such a drastic reform also made me worried about its depth and competitiveness for a time. Would a simple multiple recruitment system reduce the fun of the fighting game itself?

But after a couple of rounds of battles with top players, you will the game is not that simple. Obviously, on the surface, Dragon Ball Legends does not have any difficulty, but it is only the first step to attract new players. Once you enter the door, you will find that the damage caused by one-click-killed skill is not so high, while the attacking heavily with gas-exhausting also makes you feel horrible, which is not conducive to the rational use of resources. And back to 10,000 steps, continuous attack is really only the most basic element of fighting games. If you want to play it well, countermeasures, stand-back, on-the-spot reaction, and a strong heart are all indispensable. If you want some useful cheat of this game, you should visit dblegendscheat.club. I have to say that Dragon Ball Legends must not be a game lacking in depth because of the simplification of serial recruiting to a certain extent.

Moreover, Dragon Ball Legends is a 3V3 TAG team battle that can switch combat roles at any time. Such a system is much more complex than the basic 1V1 battle. When to call up a teammate to do great harm, when to let the injured character exit safely and when to use the technique of forcing the opponent to change people to gain the superiority in the number of people, not only test your operation, but also test your fighting mind. And these deep-seated tactical development, are still in a very preliminary stage, the potential of the whole game there are many places worth exploring. You know, as a combat game, it has many ways to operate even the simplest model – dare you say you really master it, it’s not so easy.

New Kim Kardashian Hollywood game play review

Kim Kardashian Hollywood has always been Glu game’s gold-lettered signboard. With excellent painting and luxurious vocal lineup, this game has a very large fan base. We all know that this game is rendered in 2D, but it can also present more and more things in the game. Because of the 2D images, most of the scenes in the game are just a sketch, but they all go smoothly in the game play.

Because Glu game company has very rich experience in game development, the pictures in the game show surprisingly good, Kim Kardashian Hollywood game uses animation and cartoon style and human settings to make the whole game like a playable animation, players in the control of the role in Britain at the same time, even if not to fight, casually. It’s also very pleasant to walk around and see the beautiful scenery. Of course, the most classic cards in this game are just as delicate as before. Every cards are vividly painted by the artists. These images cover the tastes of all male and female players, from Lori to Queen’s sister, from Tai Tai to Style Men. With a luxurious lineup, each character seems to be alive.

kim kar

Kim Kardashian Hollywood game also has a very large story background. Players will travel to the world from a member of a team to explore the true fashion style behind the story. Unlike other fashion style game, this one has added a lot of crossover animation, in order to allow players to more into the game world, and in the second place, after the make up, give players a buffer opportunity. Other similar games’ playing system is very simple, basically players control card round-robin battle, to be honest, such a battle system in the latter stage is easy to make players feel tired, and the degree of participation in the battle is not high. And in Kim Kardashian Hollywood, the new instant fashion make up system may be more in line with the taste of current players.

Players need to collect stars to rank up their popularity. The number of stars in the game is very large. Players can combine their favorite fashion style at will. This new system greatly enhances the tactics of battle. Which fashion style is more suitable for playing duplicates, which make up can be better than others, you have to figure out yourself. With the support of hundreds of fashion styles, it is clear that the make up combination of the game can reach thousands, which greatly improves the playability of the later period.

In order to prevent players from releasing fashion skills without brain and reduce the fun of the game, COST perfectly limits this defect. The upper limit of COST in the game is 10 stars, which will gradually recover over time, and each skill marks the amount of COST consumed. If players blindly brainless skills, it will lead to COST can not be recovered. In each fashion competition, it is easy to have an empty space, so it is reasonable to plan COST and connect skills more closely in order to make all kinds of gorgeous connections. If you need help of getting free stars, you should check Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats. But remember not to overuse it.

In addition to the main story, there are a lot of other ways of playing in the game. Most of these ways need to form teams with other players, which greatly increases the interaction between players. Of course, for players who need to work, the game also has a very friendly settings, if players do not have much time to miss some copies of the day and activities, you should not worry about their level will not keep up with friends, because the next day, these tasks will be rewarded and experience will be reduced appropriately to allow players to quickly retrieve, need to pay attention to. Quick recovery does not cost the player anything. This setting is very intimate. Even if you don’t have much time, even if you only play for a short time every day, you will get less profit than other online players everyday, but you don’t have to worry about not having enough team to give up the game at last.

Why Choices game need to more revolution in online mode

Choices Stories You Play has passed three years so far. It is not popular as its first version based on some researches. Because of the annual release rhythm, “Choices game” is also facing a lot of controversy like other “annual goods”. Classic play and high distribution frequency make it difficult for the game to make drastic innovations in front of the tradition. There have been several generations of works before because of “too small steps” and other problems criticized by players. Nowadays, with the approaching of the 20th Orthodox Works, this series is also standing at a new watershed. Looking ahead, it is a radical reform. Looking back, it is a classic routine in the past. Where is the future, I am afraid, is a difficult problem for the Choices.

While the single-machine series of “Choices game” is advancing rapidly, another derivative series of “learners” is appearing quietly in different fields, that is, the “Episode Online” of full-scale online games. Of course, the online warfare is not the patent of the online game version. In the second generation of the work “Choices game” produced in 2017, the mode of online warfare was first added, but the network service of the home computer platform was far from convenient and smooth at that time. Until “Choices 19” logged on to mobile, players at home and abroad were more accustomed to online with their friends.

In the era of Xbox 360 and PS3, with the improvement of Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s network services, more and more traditional single-player games begin to focus on online content. Many classical IP and traditional game types began to add on-line cooperation or combat services on the basis of the original content. At that time, there were many traditional home computer games which mainly played on-line games.

For simulate games that emphasize competition and confrontation, online combat is just needed. Compared with a lonely career, many people are more willing to play with live players anytime, anywhere. So the online part is becoming more and more important in the Choices series. In this situation, it is reasonable to simplify the stand-alone part and launch a fully online and competitive online game.

In 2019, Choices Online officially launched a public test. This online game, derived from the simulate king, quickly gained its foothold in the simulate game Blue Sea. Choice itself is a simulation that emphasizes antagonism, as well as in simulation games. The character of antagonism is very important in all simulation games.

“Choices game” itself has defects in the multi-part. Looking back on last year’s release of choices online, the game’s evaluation on Team is mostly bad, and most of the bad reviews are concentrated in “poor server” and “poor experience of online warfare”, which is particularly evident in US. I’m afraid it’s the lack of Choices Stories You Play Cheats in the part of online warfare that makes it possible for the online game version to compete smoothly. If we want to go further on the current basis, optimizing and stabilizing the multi-person part of the server is probably the most urgent part of the forward series to be improved.

How does Tech 5 real engine used in PES soccer game

As a product of avant-garde concepts, PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER has a mixed reputation using ID Tech 5 real engine. The engine’s biggest highlight is that it changes the way individual objects are mapped and “desperately” makes the world a whole. As a direct result, the level of vision rendering is amazing, and in theory all objects around in the PES soccer game can be mapped differently – which is quite useful for soccer games, especially in the performance of cities and wilderness. On the other hand, the cost of this technology is that in order to ensure the precision of the mapping, the capacity of the PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER game breaks through dozens of gigabytes, which is why the developers admit that the engine is “not suitable for the all the game”. They are only suitable for PES soccer game so far.

Creation engine can be regarded as an improvement of ID Tech 5. Its birth originated directly from the suspicion of PES game’s reality, and can also be regarded as the technical summary and reflection of KONAMI. On the one hand, it improves the mapping mode of in all PES soccer players, optimizes and compresses the mapping files, which ensures the depth of field effect and details, while keeping the capacity of the PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER game not too large. At the same time, the engine should improve the lighting effect. This can be demonstrated in the trailer and in a live demonstration. As one observer on IGN commented, “PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is not the best model, but the texture and light and shadow details are almost real, which is impressive.” Another remarkable feature of the Creation Engine is the introduction of PES 2019 Cheats Performance Plug-in, which improves the AI of NPC and makes its action more natural. In E3, KONAMI declares that PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 19 will adopt “real dynamic dialogue”, which is probably related to the function of the Plug-in.

Creation engine support for custom equipment and MOD is excellent, which will also make the PES Game more attractive.

At the same time, another highlight of PES 2019 is the shaping of the environment, which has been proved in the trailer. This quality is closely related to Konami’s artistic skills, as well as the use of Creation Engine. Creation engines have been used in Ancient Scroll 5: Skyline, and are inextricably linked to the controversial ID Tech 5 engine – which is why there are rumors that PES Game series was built by ID Tech 5, because they are very similar in expressiveness.