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How does Tech 5 real engine used in PES soccer game

As a product of avant-garde concepts, PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER has a mixed reputation using ID Tech 5 real engine. The engine’s biggest highlight is that it changes the way individual objects are mapped and “desperately” makes the world a whole. As a direct result, the level of vision rendering is amazing, and in theory all objects around in the PES soccer game can be mapped differently – which is quite useful for soccer games, especially in the performance of cities and wilderness. On the other hand, the cost of this technology is that in order to ensure the precision of the mapping, the capacity of the PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER game breaks through dozens of gigabytes, which is why the developers admit that the engine is “not suitable for the all the game”. They are only suitable for PES soccer game so far.

Creation engine can be regarded as an improvement of ID Tech 5. Its birth originated directly from the suspicion of PES game’s reality, and can also be regarded as the technical summary and reflection of KONAMI. On the one hand, it improves the mapping mode of in all PES soccer players, optimizes and compresses the mapping files, which ensures the depth of field effect and details, while keeping the capacity of the PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER game not too large. At the same time, the engine should improve the lighting effect. This can be demonstrated in the trailer and in a live demonstration. As one observer on IGN commented, “PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is not the best model, but the texture and light and shadow details are almost real, which is impressive.” Another remarkable feature of the Creation Engine is the introduction of PES 2019 Cheats Performance Plug-in, which improves the AI of NPC and makes its action more natural. In E3, KONAMI declares that PES PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 19 will adopt “real dynamic dialogue”, which is probably related to the function of the Plug-in.

Creation engine support for custom equipment and MOD is excellent, which will also make the PES Game more attractive.

At the same time, another highlight of PES 2019 is the shaping of the environment, which has been proved in the trailer. This quality is closely related to Konami’s artistic skills, as well as the use of Creation Engine. Creation engines have been used in Ancient Scroll 5: Skyline, and are inextricably linked to the controversial ID Tech 5 engine – which is why there are rumors that PES Game series was built by ID Tech 5, because they are very similar in expressiveness.