New Kim Kardashian Hollywood game play review

Kim Kardashian Hollywood has always been Glu game’s gold-lettered signboard. With excellent painting and luxurious vocal lineup, this game has a very large fan base. We all know that this game is rendered in 2D, but it can also present more and more things in the game. Because of the 2D images, most of the scenes in the game are just a sketch, but they all go smoothly in the game play.

Because Glu game company has very rich experience in game development, the pictures in the game show surprisingly good, Kim Kardashian Hollywood game uses animation and cartoon style and human settings to make the whole game like a playable animation, players in the control of the role in Britain at the same time, even if not to fight, casually. It’s also very pleasant to walk around and see the beautiful scenery. Of course, the most classic cards in this game are just as delicate as before. Every cards are vividly painted by the artists. These images cover the tastes of all male and female players, from Lori to Queen’s sister, from Tai Tai to Style Men. With a luxurious lineup, each character seems to be alive.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood game also has a very large story background. Players will travel to the world from a member of a team to explore the true fashion style behind the story. Unlike other fashion style game, this one has added a lot of crossover animation, in order to allow players to more into the game world, and in the second place, after the make up, give players a buffer opportunity. Other similar games’ playing system is very simple, basically players control card round-robin battle, to be honest, such a battle system in the latter stage is easy to make players feel tired, and the degree of participation in the battle is not high. And in Kim Kardashian Hollywood, the new instant fashion make up system may be more in line with the taste of current players.

Players need to collect stars to rank up their popularity. The number of stars in the game is very large. Players can combine their favorite fashion style at will. This new system greatly enhances the tactics of battle. Which fashion style is more suitable for playing duplicates, which make up can be better than others, you have to figure out yourself. With the support of hundreds of fashion styles, it is clear that the make up combination of the game can reach thousands, which greatly improves the playability of the later period.

In order to prevent players from releasing fashion skills without brain and reduce the fun of the game, COST perfectly limits this defect. The upper limit of COST in the game is 10 stars, which will gradually recover over time, and each skill marks the amount of COST consumed. If players blindly brainless skills, it will lead to COST can not be recovered. In each fashion competition, it is easy to have an empty space, so it is reasonable to plan COST and connect skills more closely in order to make all kinds of gorgeous connections. If you need help of getting free stars, you should check Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats. But remember not to overuse it.

In addition to the main story, there are a lot of other ways of playing in the game. Most of these ways need to form teams with other players, which greatly increases the interaction between players. Of course, for players who need to work, the game also has a very friendly settings, if players do not have much time to miss some copies of the day and activities, you should not worry about their level will not keep up with friends, because the next day, these tasks will be rewarded and experience will be reduced appropriately to allow players to quickly retrieve, need to pay attention to. Quick recovery does not cost the player anything. This setting is very intimate. Even if you don’t have much time, even if you only play for a short time every day, you will get less profit than other online players everyday, but you don’t have to worry about not having enough team to give up the game at last.

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