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Dragon Ball Legends : a game which combine simplicity and complexity perfectly

Dragon Ball Legends is a very orthodox combat game with 3D modeling and 2D operation logic. But it also means that it has a higher threshold and may discourage a considerable number of original fans who think fighting games are too difficult. How to keep these people from retreating has become the most important issue of the developers.

The solution they offer is to dramatically simplify the difficulty of getting started. As an old player of Street Fighters series, I can clearly feel the simplification of Dragon Ball Legends in operation. First of all, from the number of keys, Dragon Ball Legends has only four kinds of attacks, which are light, medium, heavy and skill releasing, and there are at least six general 2-D fights games; Dragon Ball Legends has a system of one-button continuous tactics, which can automatically connect a set of cool tactics of about 20 hits, no matter light or medium attacks. If you have a gas tank, you will automatically release small killing skills. It can be said that it greatly reduces the need for input instructions and ensures that novices can get a great experience. Finally, it simplifies the way to input instructions, basically only the forward and reverse rockers – in other words, As long as you can twist the wave fist in Street Fighters, you can make almost all the moves in Dragon Ball Legends.

In addition, the game does not have the same eye-watching technique as Street Fighter. Basically, just press the button continuously, it can be connected quickly and conveniently. But please note that because some attacks have a long back-swing (such as the blow-off effect attached to heavy attacks), you may have to wait a second and then follow up. Press a button to succeed.

Obviously, these changes make the original fighting game that refuses to be played thousands of miles away very friendly. Even if you don’t know how to do it, you can make a decent connection by pressing a button. However, such a drastic reform also made me worried about its depth and competitiveness for a time. Would a simple multiple recruitment system reduce the fun of the fighting game itself?

But after a couple of rounds of battles with top players, you will the game is not that simple. Obviously, on the surface, Dragon Ball Legends does not have any difficulty, but it is only the first step to attract new players. Once you enter the door, you will find that the damage caused by one-click-killed skill is not so high, while the attacking heavily with gas-exhausting also makes you feel horrible, which is not conducive to the rational use of resources. And back to 10,000 steps, continuous attack is really only the most basic element of fighting games. If you want to play it well, countermeasures, stand-back, on-the-spot reaction, and a strong heart are all indispensable. If you want some useful cheat of this game, you should visit I have to say that Dragon Ball Legends must not be a game lacking in depth because of the simplification of serial recruiting to a certain extent.

Moreover, Dragon Ball Legends is a 3V3 TAG team battle that can switch combat roles at any time. Such a system is much more complex than the basic 1V1 battle. When to call up a teammate to do great harm, when to let the injured character exit safely and when to use the technique of forcing the opponent to change people to gain the superiority in the number of people, not only test your operation, but also test your fighting mind. And these deep-seated tactical development, are still in a very preliminary stage, the potential of the whole game there are many places worth exploring. You know, as a combat game, it has many ways to operate even the simplest model – dare you say you really master it, it’s not so easy.